Spanking paddles by Tambo



Loving handwork guarantees the highest quality standards.



Wood is a natural material that is ideal for the manufacture of paddle. It is therefore a 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly product.



All paddles are handmade unique pieces.



Shipped in a nondescript cardboard box that gives no clues as to the contents.



The satisfaction of our customers comes first. In case you are not 100% satisfied, we offer our 100% money back guarantee - no ifs, ands or buts.



In our production we only use wood from certified, sustainable forest management.

Long spanking paddle
Long and short wood paddle
Short spanking paddle from wood

What our costumers say

A real classic and very true to style (and function(!), well made and very stable, no comparison to cheap toys.
Hans S., Amazon costumer
Amazon rating (December 2019)
A very good paddle, high quality finish, good to guide and makes an upscale impression at any party.
Anonymous, Amazon costumer
Amazon rating (May 2019)
Very high quality craftsmanship long spanking paddle made of beech wood. Very smooth and without sharp edges. The product is highly recommended.
Hans-Joachim S., Amazon costumer
Amazon rating (September 2019)
Amazon rating small spanking paddle
Amazon rating long spanking paddle
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Spanking paddle Bohrung

Paddle with boom

Paddles with holes achieve a higher impact than paddles without holes. The resulting air cushion between paddle and skin surface is reduced and the impact intensity is increased.

Spanking paddle Kanten fräsen

Handy and top shape

All edges are rounded, which minimizes the risk of injury. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, the paddle also fits comfortably in the hand and guarantees safe and precise spanking.

Spanking paddle Öl-Finish

Feingeschliffene Oberflächen

The surface of the paddle is fine sanded and therefore very smooth. Finally, the wood is refined with a high-quality natural oil in a final processing step.

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