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What is spanking, how to spank properly? Learn more about spanking on this introduction page.


The erotic spanking and BDSM culture has recently gained widespread awareness in Germany, not least through the bestseller "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E. L. James. The sexual fantasies of the protagonists dealt with in the erotic novel are not new phenomena, but have always lain dormant in many people as part of human sexual fantasy. A modern phenomenon, on the other hand, is society's increasing openness to these previously unspoken topics. What was previously held back under social conservative pressure is nowadays gaining more and more social acceptance. Carried by this movement, erotic spanking is also spreading (What is spanking?). It is often considered part of the BDSM culture, but can also be practiced quite independently. Depending on preference, the physical arousal or the pleasure of dominant-devote role-play is in the foreground. As social acceptance for spanking grows, so does the number of people who try it out and practice it regularly. More often something new! - this is a motto of our time. Skepticism of the new can prevent us from getting to know and perhaps love the unknown. For many interested, spanking opens up a whole new sexual world that enriches their sex life sustainably.

For spanking enthusiasts

If you have not yet had any experience with spanking, you will find a quick guide with many practical tips for the "first time". Of course, spanking always involves two people: one who actively spanks and one who is passively spanked. If spanking is not yet a part of your relationship's sex life, talk to your partner about your desires and longings and keep your sex life lively and varied (How do I tell my partner?). Don't get stuck in familiar patterns, switch roles! The roles of the dominant man and the submissive woman that are so common in sex life can also be reversed: Give your wife the reins (or the paddle). Many a woman discovers hidden preferences in this way. What can be used for spanking? In addition to spanking with the flat of the hand, the use of practical aids makes for a particularly tingling experience. A variety of different instruments are suitable here, ranging from everyday household objects such as cooking spoons or ping-pong paddles to classics such as the wooden paddle (spanking instruments). Follow in the footsteps of famous spanking enthusiasts like the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 - 1778) and dive into the fascinating world of spanking.

Differentiation from traditional spanking

The erotic spanking describes a consensual erotic role play, which arises from the pleasure of both partners and in which safety and mutual trust are the highest principles. Erotic spanking is a tingling interlude of pain and pleasure, which both partners enjoy equally (Why does pain give pleasure?). Unlike erotic spanking, traditional spanking is not consensual, but serves as a "real" corporal punishment and disciplinary measure. Throughout history, spanking has been used in many ways. It was widely used, for example, in slavery in the U.S. or in penitentiaries in 18th and 19th century Europe. In the USA, spanking was and still is used in schools. In Germany nowadays, fortunately, the use of physical punishment in schools as well as in parental education is no longer allowed and is partly punishable. Spanking should never be used outside the erotic sphere: Neither as a disciplinary measure on children in school or in parental education, nor as a form of domestic violence against women. Violence in child rearing - even the supposedly insignificant slap on the bottom - has lasting effects on the child's psyche! Never tolerate spanking where both partners do not voluntarily participate in the game. Never practice spanking in the presence of children.

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