Spanking FAQ

In connection with spanking, questions arise again and again, especially for spanking beginners. In the following, frequently asked questions will be clarified.

What is a "safeword" or "safety word" and what does it have to do with spanking?

A safeword is a word that the spanked person may say to end the spanking game immediately - for whatever reason. It is absolutely to be respected by the spanker, and the game is to be ended immediately without delay. The advantage is that the spanking player knows exactly when to stop the game and when the spanked player wants more. Despite agreeing on a safeword, the spanker has a responsibility to perceive nonverbal cues from the spanked and keep the spanking within a reasonable and healthy range for both.

The real spanking doesn't feel the way I imagine it. How can I live out my real fantasies?

One should keep in mind that the fantasies in advance are ideally arousing. However, the imaginations and images during a real spanking are not. The real experience and the ideal fantasy will always differ: Maybe the spanking is too fast, too slow, too hard or too soft. For this reason, it is quite possible that the first spanking experience will not turn out as ideally imagined. This may be due to the role-playing. If you don't want role play, but your first spanking involves it, you will be distracted from the main part of the spanking. Conversely, if you like role-playing as part of spanking, but real spanking involves wedge role-playing, you'll miss it and won't get going emotionally. Also, it's just a bit of practice to relax, let the roleplay happen, and get emotionally involved in the spanking. However, with time this will quickly improve and you will enjoy it more and more each time.

I have never stretched anyone before but I would like to try. How do I go about it?

This is in some ways easier than being spanked for the first time. If spanking excites you strongly, you should find a partner who can spank you. Often even light spanking is very arousing and can be learned by the partner. If you only like strong spanking, you should find a partner who is familiar with spanking and who can get it for you. Always remember: it's not about the pain, but about the emotional part of spanking. So, of course, never spank someone as a "real" punishment. Get to know your partner's preferences and discuss with them what they like and what they want to engage in. Start slowly and see how your partner reacts to light spankings; this can also be a light pat on the clothed buttocks. It should always be pleasant for your partner and not really painful. If your partner likes the first strokes, you can slowly and carefully increase the intensity. Patience is the order of the day here: you should make sure that your partner enjoys each of your spanking experiences and that he doesn't associate any negative emotions with it. Small tender rewards during or after spanking can also be helpful here.

Will my interest in spanking cause me to develop other fetishes or abnormal sex habits?

It can be, but it doesn't have to be: if you have already had other experiences in the field of BDSM, you will probably simply adopt this fetish into your sexual world. Nevertheless, there are many people who are and remain interested only in spanking and who do not develop any new BDSM preferences.

What does consensuality mean?

In general, consensuality means that both parties (the spanker and the spanked) engage in spanking play voluntarily and both can end the game at any time and for any reason. Erotic pleasure, however painful, is the goal of any spanking experience.

What does "hard-wired spanko" mean?

Someone whose interest existed for a long time continuously and to whom this fetish was "laid in the cradle", i.e. who always felt it in himself, is called Hard-wired Spanko.

What does "Spanking F/F" mean?

When an adult woman spanks another adult woman, it is often abbreviated F/F.

What does "Spanking F/M" mean?

When an adult woman spanks an adult man, it is often abbreviated F/M.

What does "Spanking M/M" mean?

When an adult male spanks another adult male, it is often abbreviated M/M.

What does "Spanking M/F" mean?

When an adult male spanks an adult female, it is often abbreviated M/F.

What does "OTK" mean?

OTK means in English over the knee and describes a spanking position in which the spanked is put over the knee of the spanko. Here the feet can be in the air or the spanked person stands thereby.

What does "DD" mean?

DD stands for Domestic Discipline and describes spanking as punishment in one's own home, i.e. for example with the boyfriend or girlfriend in the shared apartment.

What does "Vanilla" mean?

Vanilla refers to people or things that have nothing to do with spanking: For example, a partner may be a vanilla partner if they are not into spanking and are not interested in it. A vanilla relationship refers to a partnership that does not involve spanking, but has only normal elements in sexual life: Flower sex, cuddling, normal sexual intercourse, but without BDSM elements, such as spanking.

What does "DD" mean?

DD stands for Domestic Discipline and describes spanking as punishment in one's own home, i.e. for example with the boyfriend or girlfriend in the shared apartment. The abbreviation "LDD" stands for Loving Domestic Discipline and describes domestic discipline (e.g. by spanking) as part of a love relationship.

What does "TiH" mean?

The abbreviation TiH stands for Taken In Hand and describes the one in a relationship who is taken "by the hand". This is generally the counterpart to the dominant partner, i.e. the Head of Household.

What does "Hoh" mean?

The abbreviation HoH stands for Head of Household and describes the person in a relationship who wears the pants, i.e. the dominant partner, or the head of the household or partnership.

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