Spanking instruments

Here you can find a list of instruments that can be used for erotic spanking.

Spanking instruments

The right choice of spanking instrument plays a crucial role in delivering a pleasurable spanking experience. Depending on the level of experience of the person being spanked, different instruments can be used to induce different intensities of pain. Naturally, for beginners, the use of lighter, less intense instruments is recommended at first. In principle, adequate hygiene should be ensured. Especially when changing partners, the playing instruments should always be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Why are spanking instruments used at all? Spanking instruments are simply much more fun. A paddle can be held in the hand, creates a memorable threat and psychologically gives the performer additional dominance and power. The spanking instrument becomes a symbol of superiority and confers authority. It is not without reason that rhetoric seminars teach that a wooden stick in the hand gives the speaker much more authority and charisma than a speaker who stands there free-handed without any tools.

Flat hand

This is the fastest and most uncomplicated method to perform spanking and therefore represents the absolute classic. The advantage of this method is that no auxiliary instruments are needed and this act is therefore possible at any time and anywhere. The flat hand is particularly suitable for the so-called warm up, i.e. the slow warm-up at the beginning of the spanking session. The disadvantage is that the pain intensity is not particularly great and the repeated impact of the palm can also cause a painful pulling for the active partner. You have to hit harder to get the same intensity of pain as with a paddle. Also, some people don't want to abuse the hand as a tender, loving part for spanking. This form of spanking can be more painful when applied to buttocks that have already been intensely spanked a short time ago, as these areas are more sensitive due to recent spankings.

Wooden spoon

An object that can be found in almost every household and is great for spanking is the cooking spoon. The classic spoon is made of wood, but also modern plastic spoons do not miss their effect. Depending on the intensity of the beating, spoons are also suitable as a casual warm-up or for a little spanking in between. The beating with the spoon is quite silent. The pain remains rather superficial, which makes this type of spanking also well suited for thighs. However, the spoon also has weaknesses, as it is not specifically designed for spanking. It breaks easily and has only a small striking surface.


Widely used in history was the chastisement with the leather belt. The intensity can usually be well dosed and, depending on the material thickness of the leather, considerable impact effects can be achieved. A disadvantage of the method is that the ideal point of impact is more difficult to hit, since it is a non-rigid object that swings freely. The force of the blow is determined by the reverberation of the belt or strap end. Its advantage is that it can be found in every household. However, it is sometimes difficult to control and the blows can be relatively loud. In addition, significant welts can form on the surface of the skin.


The cane is one of the most popular and well-known instruments of punishment. It can be used very variably in terms of pain intensity and the traces left behind. The cane is very common in Great Britain, where it is still used in private schools. The cane is made of rattan with a thickness of about 0.5 to 1 cm. A distinction can be made between peeled and unpeeled canes. The unpeeled canes are somewhat milder in their pain sensation, whereas the peeled canes can produce a very intense pain sensation. Peeled canes have a lighter color and can be visually distinguished from the unpeeled canes. There are numerous subspecies of cane. For example, some canes have a U-shaped end, making them resemble a walking stick. Furthermore, a wide range of different cane lengths and cane hardnesses can be found, enabling a wide variety of applications. Depending on the intensity of the blow, the pain sensation can range from mild pulling to severe pain. Intensive use clearly leaves welts and sometimes hematomas on the buttocks surface, which can also lead to pain when sitting in the following days.


Crops were originally used in equestrian sports and only later diverted from their intended purpose in the erotic sector. Riding crops are usually made of a flexible fiberglass core, which is coated with a plastic braid. Typically, riding crops with a length of 60 - 80 cm are ideal for spanking. As with canes, riding crops also come in a variety of different versions. Some riding crops feature a small plastic swatter at the striking end. Other models have a small free-swinging string instead of the whip, which increases the impact speed - similar to the whip's striking principle. Due to the flexible structure of the whip, enormous impact speeds are achieved, causing intense pain effects. At the same time, the noise during application is comparatively low, which makes the crop a discreet but effective instrument of chastisement. The remaining welts usually disappear after a short time. The whips, which additionally have a small swat at their end, do not leave any welts, because they hit more flat. However, considerable pain intensity can be achieved here as well. All in all, the crop is very effective and flexible to use, which qualifies it as an ideal spanking instrument.


Especially in the USA paddles made of wood or heavy leather are popular. Paddles are basically wooden boards with a thickness of 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm and a length of 30 - 50 cm. A handle is attached to one end, which is used to swing the paddle. To increase the impact speed of the paddle and thus the intensity of pain, small holes are made on the striking surface. These reduce air resistance and decrease the formation of a braking air cushion between the paddle and the skin immediately before impact. Paddles without holes therefore have a lower impact effect. The intensity of pain depends on the size of the paddle, its weight and the material it is made of. In addition, the clothing condition of the person being paddled naturally has an influence. Small paddles are particularly suitable for beginners, as the intensity is average to high. With large paddles, on the other hand, very high pain effects can be achieved, but a little practice with the safe handling of the paddle is recommended in advance. Wooden paddles produce a relatively loud clapping noise. Increasingly available on the market are leather paddles especially for SM. However, their effect differs from traditional wooden paddles. The achievable pain intensity is significantly lower due to the flexible structure and the often thin leather materials. The traditional use of the wooden paddle in British schools is the subject of numerous films. A classic is the film Dead Poets Society. Paddles can be used in a variety of different spanking positions and are suitable for beginners and experienced alike.


There exists a very large variety of different forms of whips. The whip has been used as an instrument of torture or punishment since ancient times. However, it also has more humane applications. Thus, it is also used to produce sounds, as a means of communication for dressage as well as a children's toy for so-called whip gyroscopes. The underlying physics of the whip is remarkable: the end of the whip can reach supersonic speed just before impact, producing the characteristic crack. The reason for the high speed is that, according to the laws of physics (and apart from friction effects), the kinetic energy of the whip always remains constant during the striking motion. However, the whip sections come to rest successively during the striking motion, starting from the handle. In this way, the parts still in motion are accelerated. Shortly before the end of the whipping movement, the entire original kinetic energy is in a very small part of the whip - the speed is correspondingly high and (theoretically) approaches infinity. Various types of whips are known. Originally used in seafaring, the cat o' nine tails has also found its way into the modern SM scene. It is a strap whip consisting of nine braided ropes. The so-called scourge also has small knots or barbs at the ends of the straps, which can cause severe injuries. The tools of the trade of cowboys include the so-called bull whip (bull whip) or snake whip (snake whip). This is a long, single-tailed whip. In many Islamic countries, the bull whip is used as an instrument of punishment. Prominent examples are the Iranian Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani and the Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, who received 50 lashes in 2015.


This instrument has its origin in Scotland. It is a leather strap made of thick leather. The length is about 40 - 50 cm. The leather strap is divided into two parts from about the middle. The use of the tawse is relatively simple and safe, because the leather straps usually have a very smooth surface. The impact effect can be considerable. Thus, a strong pain sensation is possible even through the clothed buttocks. In addition, an application to the buttocks or thighs is possible. The tawse is an ideal, flexible striking instrument for warm up or for extended chastisements.

More objects

In addition to the presented play instruments, a variety of other objects are suitable for spanking, which can be found in many households and therefore sometimes enjoy great popularity: These include, for example, rulers made of wood or plastic, ping-pong paddles or electric cables. There are hardly any limits to the imagination here.

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