What is spanking?

What actually is spanking? On this page you will find a brief introduction.

What is spanking?

Spanking is the repeated hitting of the clothed or exposed buttocks. For this purpose, either the flat hand or a suitable percussion instrument is used. The term spanking is used in English not only for consensual use in the erotic field, but also for corporal punishment in the domestic or school field. Spanking represents the generic term for numerous, specific practices, which are called canin (cane), paddling (paddle made of wood or leather), switching (crop) or flogging, depending on the instrument used for beating. In German usage, the term spanking refers primarily to the erotic field. German phrases such as "spanking" are often used for unlawful corporal punishment in the domestic sphere. The term spanking was Germanized due to its widespread use in the relevant erotic scene and the lack of suitable alternatives. However, the word has not yet found its way into the Duden dictionary. The same applies to the verb spank, which is also used like a German word (I want to be spanked every day.). In the field of BDSM, particularly hard forms of spanking are also summarized under the term flagellantism.

For spanking enthusiasts

A variety of different percussion instruments can be used for spanking: In the Asian region, the bamboo stick is the most common. As a European counterpart, the birch rod is especially widespread in this country. In addition, everyday objects such as rubber hoses, belts, hairbrushes, cooking spoons, rulers, spatulas, raw sticks or carpet beaters are very popular. Designated percussion instruments such as crops, paddles, whips, or tawses are also used. If only the flat hand is used, this is called hand spanking.

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